Every pet, no matter what size or breed, needs a good bath and groom every now and then. It can be messy work being a dog!

However, there’s more to pet grooming than just some hot bubbly water and a quick brush. Depending on the breed, grooming can take 2-3 hours to complete.

Whether your pet just needs his nails trimmed or a full-on restyle, grooming is an important responsibility that owners should not take lightly.

The team at Stone Dog Salon are your go-to experts for pet grooming in Reno. With over 40 years of experience under our brushes, we’re ready to help your four -legged friend look and feel their very best. Read on to learn more about pet grooming, and why it’s so important.

You’re (Not) So Vain!

To some people, grooming doesn’t seem a “necessary” aspect of dog care. It may even seem vain or lazy: paying someone else to do your dirty work! However, the special attention given to the dog’s coat and other areas of his body is much more than just aesthetic improvement. Pet grooming can prevent a variety of unpleasant health concerns such as ticks, fleas and tropical parasites that can get lodged in your canine companion’s coat.

Here at Stone Dog Salon in Reno, our deep cleansing bath, comb and blow dry will decrease itchiness and dryness which can cause distress and discomfort. The special attention we pay to ears and eyes, including thoroughly cleaning and carefully trimming, will help to prevent bacteria building up and causing infections. The care we lavish on your dog’s paws and nails will remove unsanitary build-up and mean that they are much less likely to suffer from infections, soreness or swollen feet. Plus, your home will stay clean and germ-free: particularly reassuring if you have children.

Another really important but less-known fact about pet grooming is that a dog with clean fur who looks and smells nice is more likely to be cuddled and played with than a dirty dog. Therefore, grooming helps to boost a dog’s emotional health as well. It’s a win-win!


Pamper Your Pooch: What Happens at a Grooming Session?

Bathing: Your dog is your best friend after all, so why wouldn’t you want to treat him? At Stone Dog Salon, we are your first call for pet grooming in Reno. We use a range of shampoos to suit your dog’s coat and skin care needs, and ensure that they leave us feeling relaxed and pampered. Particularly dirty dogs can be bathed with scented deodorizing shampoo. Those with sensitive skin can enjoy our gentler shampoos; shedding dogs can be washed with special medicated anti-shedding shampoos, and dogs with white fur can be bathed with brightening soaps to restore their coats to snowy white.

Combing and Brushing: Although a meticulous task, combing is an important part of the grooming process as it keeps the fur from becoming matted, and prevents it from harboring bugs, parasites, dust, and dirt. We use a special detangling and conditioning spray, and brush with multiple combs to loosen dirt and dead skin from the surface, then a bristle brush to remove the excess grime, and finally a light cloth to polish your puppy’s coat. Looking good!

Clipping and Styling: Haircuts and trims vary greatly from breed to breed, depending on the kind of look the owner prefers. For example, some poodles are allowed to grow long shaggy coats, while others are clipped to standard puffy poodle perfection. Yorkies and Shih Tzus can have long, silky coats, or short clean cuts. Other breeds will need the hair on their faces and eyes trimmed.

Another popular grooming technique is sanitary shaving, which involves extensive trimming between the dog’s legs and underbelly to keep their fur hygienic and to guard them from soiling their coat.

While some light grooming should be done regularly at home, it’s definitely wise to visit a professional pet grooming salon every few weeks. This will ensure that your dog is receiving the quality care and attention he needs.

Stone Dog Salon is your first port of call for quality pet grooming in Reno. Contact us today!

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