Hand Selected Groomers

At The Stone Dog Salon in west Reno's Mayberry Landing, grooming is our only business. Each of our hand-selected groomers set their own schedules and have a broad general knowledge of training and dog grooming, as well as their own unique specialties. We take the time to pair your dog with the right groomer based on breed, temperament, and style preferences.


Bath & Brush


Hair Cut or Trim


Nail Trimming & Dremmel

No Appointment Needed


Anal Gland Cleansing

The Stone Dog Salon is open Tuesday through Saturday, with a part-time groomer on Mondays by appointment only.

Call us at 775-747-7300

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Come on In

Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are encouraged. This allows our groomers to give your dog 2-3 full hours of highly-personalized attention away from other dogs to minimize stress and maximize comfort and safety. We combine our grooming regiment with gentle table training and positive behavioral training techniques to help encourage a great experience. Your dog will be happy to return  for years to come.

Our Promise

At Stone Dog Salon we stand for honesty and integrity. We do not support related companies, products, or review sites we feel are not in line with our values. We invite you to stop in and check us out. You will observe how well-behaved and happy our dogs are. When you bring your dog to our salon, we do not just give you a price and pass you along to any groomer. We evaluate your dog, the breeding, temperament, training, and condition of hair. Most importantly, we address any insecurities or problems we can help your pet overcome, then we choose the groomer we feel he or she will be best suited for. So that your dog has the utmost positive experience, it is important to have a good bonding experience and visit the same groomer on a regular basis. Our policy is foremost for the safety and care of your pet. All groomers are required to keep nooses around the neck and also the waste if they walk away from a table as a safety precaution. We reserve the right to refuse any difficult, aggressive or unruly dogs. We do not believe in unsafe practices of grooming. If we feel your dog is unwell or too old to go the through the grooming process comfortably, we suggest he or she go through the caring of a vet.