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At Stone Dog Salon in west Reno, we make sure your dog not only looks his or her best, but feels fabulous while spending time at our clean, cozy, upscale grooming salon in Mayberry Landing. We’ve created a calm, quiet, and inviting environment designed to make dogs feel special and at home at Stone Dog Salon. No bright, noisy, herding-style grooming here.


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The Stone Dog Salon Welcomes Dogs of All Sizes & Breeds.

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We recommend booking an appointment as we aren't always able to take walk-ins. We book appointments in blocks of 2-3 hours so your dog can enjoy one-on-one attention while at Stone Dog Salon, and minimize time away from home. On your first visit, we’ll spend a few minutes getting to know our new canine customer so we can carefully match them with just the right groomer. On future visits, your dog will always be paired with his or her favorite groomer when possible.